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Local Woman Wins "Price Is Right" Showcase

Tommy Sue meets Bob Barker. Tommy Sue meets Bob Barker.

You say it, and just about everybody knows what you're talking about: "Come on down!" means the Price Is Right. The game show certainly has its fans. One Wayne County woman went to the show in memory of a relative and came away a big winner.

Of all the people Bob Barker has met, Tommy Sue Eason is one of a kind. Some lunch customers at the Blue Jay Diner in Odum had to fend for themselves today as waitress Tommy Sue was off the clock to watch herself on TV. She says it all started with her late grandmother.

"It was a lifetime dream of hers to meet Bob Barker," she told us. "So we got together at Easter and went out there in honor of her."

"We were all just hoping we'd get the chance to see her on there," said Blue Jay customer Daryl Harris.

Everyone in Odum who's known Tommy Sue longer than five minutes knew somehow, some way, the girl would get on stage. Today, the show aired, and sure enough, they called, "Tommy Sue Eason, come on down!"

"He thought I was going to hurt him," joked Tommy Sue. "I went up there and he jumped."

Friends, family and lunchtime regulars gathered today to watch her win bicycles, golf clubs, a wine fridge and a showcase including a trip to Australia. Her strategy? "People kept hollering numbers and I just heard one and used it."

At the time, husband John thought her call home was a joke. "I couldn't hardly understand her," he told us. "I had to wait for her to get home to understand her."

How big is this for Odum? "Probably one of the biggest things around here," said sister-in-law Charlene Dillinger.

While the prizes and the limelight have been fun, Tommy Sue hopes she got close enough to Bob to please Grandma. And while she's ready to see Australia, friends aren't sure if Australia is ready for Tommy Sue.

She had to keep her prizes a secret until the show aired. Now, she's ready to put some on the market. She says come by the Blue Jay and make an offer on anything but the trip.

Every class at Odum Elementary had its TV on to watch the Price Is Right.

Reported by: Dal Cannady, dcannady@wtoc.com

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