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Molotov cocktails found during Hendersonville traffic stop

Tanner Buchanan Tanner Buchanan

A routine DUI stop in Hendersonville prompted a call to the FBI and a potentially explosive discovery Saturday, as police found more than a dozen homemade bombs in the driver's possession.

Officers say they found three Molotov cocktails in the backpack of Tanner Buchanan.

They say he then admitted to having more explosive devices at his house.

According to officials, after searching the suspect's home they recovered 13 more Molotov cocktails.

"We brought the young man in, and he was very cooperative," said Hendersonville Police Sgt. Jim Vaughn. "During the interview, we discovered there were more at his residence, and we became concerned for the fact that his family was in the residence."

Buchanan is charged with four counts of prohibited weapons, a DUI and marijuana possession.

He is being held at the Sumner County Jail on $300,000 bond.

No one can come up with a justification for possessing 16 Molotov cocktails - not police and not even the young man's own father who can't believe this stuff was in his own home.

"I'm terribly disappointed. I'm mad. I don't live that kind of lifestyle - never have lived that kind of lifestyle," said father John Buchanan. "I've tried to raise all my children to be responsible adults, and in this case, my son just, absolutely - I can't figure out why. I don't understand, and it's just stupid."

So why the Molotov cocktails? Here's what he told police:

"He felt like he needed them for protection," Vaughn said. "He said he didn't have access to guns, so he decided he'd use Molotov cocktails."

John Buchanan says his son was quiet, well-behaved and never spoke of a single enemy.

"He went to work every day. He was dependable," the dad said. "If there was something in his life that was causing him that much worry, I wish he'd have said something to me."

Hendersonville police say they are certain Tanner Buchanan acted alone in this, and there are no other unsettling connections, at least at this stage of the investigation.

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