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Editorial feedback - 12/16/13, 12/23/13

These are just a few thoughts on Dr. Cathcart's editorials of 12/16/2013 (Squelch A Joyful Noise) and 12/23/2013 (Silenced Night). In the 12/16 editorial, Dr. Cathcart makes the wrong comment that Christians and Jews are the faiths that worship one version of God. However this is clearly a lack of research as Muslims as well as several other faiths also worship only one version of God. Also the good doctor seems to make Christians and Jews friendly with his words when we all know nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, Jews see Christians as a perversion of their faith, so no chummy relationship exist due to the conflict over the controversy of Jesus.

Moving on to the 12/23 editorial, again Dr. Cathcart points to some common bond between Jews and Christians that simply does not exist. The Jewish Holiday of Hannuka has nothing to do with Christmas. Another fact Dr. Cathcart is again mistaken on is the concept that this time is historically based around Jesus and the Christian faith. In fact the church moved the celebration to December in order to attract more converts and draw on the true holiday appeal of Yule, a pagan winter celebration. Christians in fact do not know the birthday of Jesus (Though it is assumed to be in January between the 8th and 18th) due to Jesus being Jewish and the Jewish calendar having 354 days instead of 365 days of the current calendar.  So the fact is the holiday is not based in the Christian church but placed there to draw support. These clear errors or misunderstandings are troubling and perhaps the information should be better researched before presenting in the on-air format to corrupt or mislead people. If you need someone to correct your historical information, I am a college/university instructor/professor that would not mind donating my time to proofread information in order to make sure that fallacies such as these two editorials are not presented to viewers as fact. Thank you for your time.

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