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Low fireworks sales for Levy fire


Fireworks sales are very slow at the Levy Fire Department Fireworks stand this year, according to Fire Chief Doug Graham.

Graham says one of the reason for the decrease in business, could be Georgia's ban on fireworks. He says most of their business comes from Georgians, but due to law enforcement officials cracking down on illegal use of fireworks, many residents aren't even bothering to buy them this year.

"Last year for New Years we did very well," Graham said, "This year it's dragging. It's really low."

The fireworks stand is what helps keep the Levy fire department running, and Graham said they really need the money this year.

"What we're working for right now Jonathan is a set of new rescue tools. Our tools that we have are now 25 years old, and we need to upgrade them," said Graham.

The number of accidents the Levy department responds to, especially out on the Back River Bridge, has increased the department's need for new tools, according to graham. But, if business doesn't pick up, they might not get any new tools, which could present a safety issue.

Customers like the Brownlee's are giving Graham hope. They're on a very short list of people coming from Georgia to get their fireworks this year.

"We're going to do something different this year, and not go downtown," said Steve Brownlee. "We're going to go out somewhere and do our own family get together with some friends and shoot our own fireworks."

In Georgia, if you're caught with fireworks that explode or fly into the sky, you can be fined up to $1,000 and go to jail. Brownlee knows this. He said he didn't buy any big fireworks, just something nice and colorful for the kids.

"For two hours of entertainment for our children," he said, "They're going to have a great time."

Georgia allows sparklers that contain no more than 100 grams of mixture per item and non-aerial fireworks that contain 75 grams or less of chemical compound per tube.

For folks who are trying to obey the law this year, Graham said they do sell those at their stand.

The key for anyone using any type of fireworks, safety.

"What we try to tell them, is to be careful. We give them pumps to light the fireworks with, so they don't get close to the fame," said Graham.

Firefighters said you should read the label of all fireworks before buying them to make sure they meet state requirements.

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