Money Wise--Best Blanket Buys

One of the joys of cool wintry nights is the chance to cocoon under a pile of warm blankets. Good Housekeeping has some tips on what to look for when shopping for a blanket to snuggle up with this fall season.

"You should look for fiber content: cotton, wool or polar fleece," said Kathleen Huddy, Good Housekeeping Institute's textiles director. "You should consider whether or not it's washable and you should also feel it to make sure you're comfortable with the feel of the blanket."

Good Housekeeping says Vellux from Martex is one you can easily warm up to. "It hardly pilled at all, which means it didn't get all those fuzzy balls all over it after lots of washing," said Huddy. "It hardly shrank and the color didn't change."

But beware it might not stand up to tough use. "We did a test on the instron machine--basically it tells us how a fabric performs when it's being pulled apart. So if you have got someone who's really rough when they sleep, this is not the blanket for them."

The Vellux blanket costs $34 in king size.

If you're a softy at heart, a fleece blanket is one you can cotton to. The softest by a wide margin of Good Housekeeping testers was the aptly named Berkshire Softest Microplush fleece blanket.

The Berkshire Microplush blanket is so soft and so warm because they use an advanced microfiber, polar fleece yarn to create it," explained Huddy.

The Berkshire blanket costs about $50 in king size. Two warm and cost worthy blankets to chase the chill away.

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Reported by: Dmitra Denmark,