Business Owner on Warehouse Fire


Fire investigators were back on the scene of a massive warehouse fire on Montgomery Street today. What a difference a day makes. Yesterday, Phil Platt walked into this furniture warehouse to get supplies. Today, he's taking pictures of what's left.

"When I went in, everything was fine," he told us. "When I went out, the ceiling and wall was engulfed in flames."

Everything in the warehouse is gone. Hundreds of pieces of furniture, two jet skis, a Mercedes, and a boat. Platt says if there is one good thing, it's the speedy work of firefighters who saved the building next door, which houses his store.

"Savannah fire did a wonderful job," he said.

"Even though the building was less than 12 feet from the fire, we were able to save his business," said Savannah Fire Department master firefighter Mike Davis.

Davis says the investigation into what triggered the fire is just beginning. Some initial reports pointed blame at the boat in the warehouse, but Davis refused to speculate.

"We have to wait for hot spots to cool down," he said. "Then we can start our investigation. We have to be careful not to move any critical evidence."

After watching his inventory go up in flames, Platt has a feeling he knows what started the fire.

"Nobody else had been in there," he said. "There was nothing flammable or combustible. It's my opinion it was electrical."

Reported by: Don Logana,