Hometown Hero--Deputy Kelly

Deputy Kelly
Deputy Kelly

Reluctantly, it's the end of the line for Deputy Kelly. She's been a member of the Chatham County Sheriff's Department K-9 team for over six years. She has to retire because of a degenerative hip problem.

During her career she sniffed out millions of dollars worth of drugs that led to hundreds of arrests. Although she takes her job seriously, she's a very easygoing dog.

"Kelly has a personality that's...she loves everyone," said Deputy Charlton Willoughby. "She's very friendly. She loves being around children. She especially loves children and she has a drive to just please me on a daily basis. I have worked with other dogs, but Kelly has just that personality. She is willing to please me and others around her. She enjoys her work."

Although she's retired, she still has a very strong work ethic. Kelly's desire to please her partner is unwavering, in spite of the pain she still performs with enthusiasm.

Willoughby will get a new dog, but Kelly will always be his best friend.

"It's going be lonesome," he said. "She's like a child. When you are not around your children, you seem to miss them. We worked together on a daily basis."

For six years of service and a willingness to continue in spite of her health, Deputy Kelly is this week's WTOC Hometown Hero.

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Reported by: Ron Wallace, rwallace@wtoc.com