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Editorial - 1/06/14

With the jolly season over, time again to focus. A Wall Street Journal headline recently read: "Good Tidings for the U.S. Economy."  That said, do understand that any modest growth-revival is thanks, not to persistent government-interference, but to the private-sector digging us out of the financial hole that politics dumped us into.  But before a chorus of happy-days-are-here-again, let's not forget that elephant in the room called reality.  Real unemployment remains far worse than those manipulated Fed figures. And, as the Journal's Dan Henniger wrote, articulating the obvious, to anyone paying attention, the ruling-elite are now (quote): "re-programming money out of defense and global security back into domestic spending."  Note: spending, not saving.  Choosing to reduce funding for defense, in order to, fill-to-the-brim, the bottomless pit of special-interest and social-welfare vote-buying.

Underneath it all, held purposefully out of sight and mind, our crippling, unsustainable, yet continually-increasing national debt.  The crazed  spending and waste continues at a pace that makes those legendary drunken-sailors look like prohibitionists.  And nothing genuine's being done to stop it. While the private-sector struggles to right our economic ship, D.C. continues to impose more regulation and taxation to stop it, since government, not capitalism, is the desired religion. So this note to Washington: We want our country back.  Despite your delusion, America belongs to We The People, not to you, who largely choose to ignore the true fiscal and freedom needs of our nation.  Thus, as New Year's reality begins anew, to D.C.'s elected and appointed elite: Your rent on the office we've provided is now due.  Pay up or prepare for eviction.






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