InSITE--Planted Politicians & Surprising History Lessons

Click your way to the Political Graveyard. Another nearly home- made site, nothing fancy, but tons of information. Very obscure information. Let's say you want to find out about a politician from the past. Not just the last election, but the last generation. The simple start is by name, in alphabetical order. Remember, this is the graveyard, no living pols, please.

I picked a name you'd know, at least a last name. Habersham. Same as the street. Scroll through the "H's" and you'll find three Habershams, two brothers and their nephew. The info is pretty basic, but important for researchers. Birth and death, and what they did. The very important stuff. Delegate to the Continental Congress, Mayor of Savannah and, get this, served as Postmaster General for six years. Notice all the text that's hyperlinked.

Click on something like "Mayor of Savannah" and they have a list of them. Two things to remember, they admit, the list might not be complete. One of the reasons, they're not all dead. But it's a good start. Ever wonder if anyone interesting was born here? Politically interesting? Click on the county, like Chatham, for another list. I found John Fremont. Big name in California. They called him "The Pathfinder" since he helped map much of the West, including mountain ranges and trails folks back east never knew existed.

Let's go back to that Chatham County page. Basic fact about the county, the economy, the maps, and links to the neighbors. Keep scrolling to the list of born here and lived here and died here. Then a list of important cemeteries.

Like Colonial Cemetery, and it's current residents. Quite a history lesson right there. Stop by for a visit some time. They have a curious collection of ways to find your favorites, by names or dates or office held. Distinctions like honors or dishonors, disabilities or even this one, duelists. At the top of the list, one of our very own, Button Gwinnett. Died after a duel with Lachlan McIntosh. Maybe that's why Gwinnett and McIntosh streets don't meet on the map.

Let's go back to that long list. You can look up how they died, from the usual to assassinations, to the very unusual, like two killed by animals. Jeremiah Haralson killed by wild beasts, and Elmer Severson who... according to records, "...lost a tussle to a cow."