InSITE--Numbers Game

It's a strange collection of facts and figures that changes all the time, and gives you a look to the future. The site is Worldmeters Info. It's just a Java script, but a very cool, probably very complicated, Java script.

Starting with the obvious. Just how many people are here? Or leaving here? Current population of the planet. Each little click is a new person. Note the next is those births. But also note they aren't moving in synch. The next two spots explain why. Deaths today and this year.

How about some money? With a little political spin. How much money America spends on education and the military. And how many cars, bicycles, and computers we made. Those numbers are spinning like tops.

The next category is supposed to be "education," but I think they're a little generous. Books published. Pretty slow. Newspapers published, much faster. Movies spinning right along. But look at that "hours on the Internet" number. It's a blur.

More political spinning here. The environment. Lost forest, lost topsoil, gained desert. But also how far the Earth travels, what it weighs and how old. And a lot of lightning.

A set of facts on food, including billions and billions of calories, and the billions we spend on diets.

Facts on energy.

Then health. What we live and die, literally, for. Check the numbers. I don't know how the Java does it, probably working with the same rates per minute and hour and day multiplied by years. So say you want to know how many people cancer will kill a generation from now. Pop up the clock on your computer. Change it a year or ten or twenty, and see how things change. And you can check any change in any of the numbers by changing your clock.