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Homeless shelters filling up fast


The cold weather has lots of people looking for a nice warm place to stay, and many shelters have opened their doors. Unfortunately, some places are filling up fast.

The Salvation Army and the Union Mission, which is only for men, are the only places that are not full yet.

The mission has about 12 men stay there, but they have room for 20. Officials said they're willing to make room for more, if need be.

They are supplying men with coats, blankets and sleeping bags. They will also be providing pizza and a warm breakfast in the morning.

The men staying there will be allowed to stay until mid afternoon Tuesday.

Even though it's rare for Savannah to get this cold, the mission said they are always prepared, just like they were Monday.

"If it comes down to it we can take blankets and make little for somebody to sleep on," Terrell Floyd said, "At least they're inside out from the cold."

The volunteers at Savannah Baptist went around to the homeless camps trying to get some of them to go to the shelters, but a lot of them refused.

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