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ShapeUp ShowDown: Meet the 10th candidate

(WMC-TV) – We're coming up on the final leg of our ShapeUp ShowDown competition and Kym Clark introduces you to the 10th candidate in the 90 day weight loss program.

She's a stay at home mom who says her doctor was the one to give her a wake-up call about her weight.

Hodan Ibrahim is the 29-year-old mother of four very active youngsters, ages three through nine years old.

 "When I first got pregnant with him, I put on a little weight and I got pregnant soon after that, right away; they're only a year apart. And then I put on MORE weight. And then I got pregnant with my third child and gained MORE weight. After my 4th, the rest is history. At that point, I didn't know what to do. I was at the point where I had gained all this weight and did not have a clue of how to get back to where I was," said Ibrahim.

It's a story a number of moms have lived; pregnancy, followed by weight gain. But, it's a word Hodan's doctor used that really made her get serious about weight loss.

She says, "You know, it sucked when my doctor told me I was actually considered obese, because I never looked at myself like that. You know, I always knew I was overweight, but when he actually used the words, 'You're OBESE,' it kind of clicked."

When she heard about ShapeUp ShowDown, another light turned on.

Ibrahim said, "This is what I've needed to push me. So, it's one of those things where you're kinda forced to have will power. 'Cuz, you know, once you start, you know, if you fail, everybody kinda sees you fail."

Failure is no longer an option for Hodan, who says since starting with the ShowDown she's a new woman who looks forward to working out and feels energized.

She also hopes her example inspires others.

Now that you've met all the candidates, it's time to meet some of the at-home contestants, trainers, and others who've played an integral part in the ShapeUp ShowDown Challenge!

Kym Clark will be profiling those people soon.

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