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Some Beaufort Co. buses hit with issues

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In the Lowcountry cold weather Tuesday morning caused some delays for students trying to get to school.

As of Tuesday afternoon, students did not have to double up on any bus routes. WTOC was told they made it home at the usual time.

Out of 149 school buses in Beaufort County, nine of them had issues during the morning. But only a handful of those nine buses were directly affected by the cold.

All schools within the Beaufort County School District started classes at the same time on Tuesday. Students who rode those affect buses arrived about 15 minutes late.

"With a few of our buses that we had issues with the hydraulic lines freezing that kept the doors from closing the way they were supposed to close so this afternoon, we're going to start the buses up a little earlier and we're going to do the same thing tomorrow morning, hopefully that problem will be resolved," said Jim Foster, spokesman for the Beaufort County School District.  

The Jasper County School District also had four school buses that broke down in Ridgeland, but the district had backup buses to avoid any delays.

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