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So cold you could see it

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It was so cold, you could see it.

The cold could be seen in frozen fountains and quiet tourist corridors and silent playgrounds with most schools moving recess inside for the day.

The cold was also in what you didn't see; the standard stream of runners around Forsyth Park and the army of dog walkers inside of it.

"Usually there's a lot of people, but not today,'' said Emily Seifert as she walked her dog without another in sight. "She has other dogs to play with usually. It's been really cold, like last night, we got halfway around the park and she turned around. She wasn't even trying to walk.''

The thermometer showed a record low.

But you know when you know it's cold in Savannah? When Johnny Mercer is all alone in Ellis Square, and the Bacon Park Senior Blitz doesn't show up and maybe the biggest sign of all, when it's a slow day at Leopold's.

"Most of the year we are lines out the door,'' said manager Brittany Letulle, who pointed out that new offerings of hot chocolate and hot apple cider are reasons to go to Leopold's even during this cold spell. "I am actually sorting through files on the computer because we run out of things to do we have cleaned every nook and cranny.''

If it was uncomfortable for locals and local businesses, it was unfortunate for those who came to Savannah to warm up.

"We left in a blizzard, more or less, from Baltimore on Friday,'' said tourist Cal Carichner. "We got here now and it's, what 19 degrees? It could be worse. We don't have any snow or freezing rain, so we're doing good with that.''

Even the coldest day of the year didn't keep Savannah from being Savannah if you were seeing it for the first time.

"Well, I was a history teacher,'' said Alice Carichner. "So, I was expecting history and beautiful restored homes and I got it all. We took the trolley tour and I said to my husband this morning, 'I'm in love with Savannah.' ‘'

Today, it just wasn't what you would call a burning love.

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