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Sprinklers a problem as temperatures drop

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Black ice is expected to be a big problem as we head into a night with more freezing temperatures.

The city has turned off their sprinklers and most fountains already, but not all, like the famous Forsyth Park fountain.

The city said they leave on the fountains where there is no danger of ice forming where the public travels. That is not the case, however, with the average sprinkler system.

City officials are urging residents and businesses to turn off their sprinkler systems to avoid having ice on the roads during tonight's freezing cold weather.

"We urge all citizens to turn off their irrigation systems. It's doing their lawns no good to have them on right now," said city spokesman Bret Bell. "What it is doing is creating a hazardous situation for motorists and pedestrians alike. The city has turned off almost all of our fountains and all over our irrigation systems out there during this cold weather stretch and we ask our citizens to do the same."

If you're worried about your pipes freezing, plumbers say to run a pencil size stream through your faucet.

Businesses like Roto-Rooters, say they have been slammed all day with calls about freezing and bursting pipes.

Plumbers say there is not much they can do for frozen pipes until they thaw out, but that's when you have to worry about if the pipe burst.

Some homeowners may not even see the damage until it warms up tomorrow.

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