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Moore takes office as Statesboro mayor

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Jan Moore took the oath of office as Statesboro mayor with awareness, energy, and a little humor.

"There were some who thought it would be a cold day, before I ever became mayor," she said to the audience as temperatures dipped below 20 degrees outside. "As the long term forecast came out for today, I could only laugh."

The Statesboro native took office as Statesboro's first female elected to city hall.

"I knew there had never been a female mayor. But it wasn't until after the election that I learned there'd never been a female council member," she noted.

Moore told WTOC she had spent the past three weeks since the December runoff victory meeting with department heads, and studying the city charter as well as local ordinances and policies. She said her campaign platform would carry over for her priorities as mayor.

"I feel very strongly that the revitalization of downtown Statesboro and the corridors need to be addressed," she said. "There are some things already being done but we need to involve more people in the process."

Crime will be another important issue.

"We have a crime issue here. It's not something we can't deal with and not something we can't solve. But it is something that we need to address. I'm going to be aggressive about getting that to the forefront with our public safety department."

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