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Local church opens up for the homeless

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The cold weather has many looking for a nice warm place to lay their heads at night, and with many shelters filling up, the First Nazareth Missionary Baptist Church is opening its doors for those in need.

The church will be open all night Tuesday and Wednesday for the homeless. It's a part of their super ministry event, which they were going to have in Febuary. However, because of the weather, they moved it up. 

"I just thank the church, and I thank everybody for just getting together and just looking out for everybody in the community, because it's cold out here," said one man. 

People were fed fish, gumbo, fries, and chicken noodle soup. They were also given coats and blankets for a good night sleep. 

Pastor Guy Hodge says this is one of the most important events his church could ever put together, especially on a night like tonight.

"The temperatures are frigid. If you got outside, you know how cold it is. And just think about the person who does not have a place to go, nor a blanket, nor a jacket, nor proper food in their bodies," said Hodge. "We have to make sure we do the right thing by the people that God has put us over."

The church isn't doing this on their own. State and local leaders and local auto mechanics have come together and donated.

"We eating better than the people who have money," said one man. 

The church is accepting donations for this event. Anyone interested can drop donations off at the church, which is located at 1023 W. 44th St., or call Pastor Hodge at 912.341.7004. 

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