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Horror movie promotional campaign pushes religious envelope

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A new horror movie is causing quite a stir online.

The publicity for the film “Devil’s Due” asks moviegoers to convert to Satanism. The movie releases Jan. 17.

If you change your religious status on Facebook to Satanism, you win free tickets to see the movie. It's a very curious marketing strategy shown to us by a viewer, which instantly was disliked on Facebook when we shared it.

Moviegoers weren't impressed either and one online Youtube blogger was even more scathing in his review. 

"Convert to Satanism and win a prize. That's the promotional campaign behind a demonic dirtbag brain damaging movie, Devil's Due," Youtube blogger Mark Dice, posted. Dice pulled no punches in his criticism of the marketing of the movie.

WTOC viewer Tom Sapp asked WTOC about the convert to Satanism option and if parents knew and what viewers thought. So, we asked some at Victory Stadium Theaters.

"Without any question, it's shameless," said Bill Tate. 

"Nice! No. I think that is crazy to suggest people do that," said Dale Howell.

We took the question about the convert to Satanism for prizes and movie features to Facebook, and the response was overwhelming with most against the use of getting movie goers to convert their religious status, tongue in cheek or not.

Some didn't even like the idea of WTOC raising the question. However, for impressionable teens, our viewer thought the question needed to be asked and answered.

"I don't like it and so, no, I would not be for that," Howell said.

"They are hoping for something I hope would never happen. I wouldn't want a free ticket. I don't even want to see the movie now," Tate said.

We asked various local churches about the Devil's Due convert to Satanism online feature. Several said they had no comment. The Catholic Diocese of Savannah told WTOC the feeling there is that any kind of statement would just help their marketing campaign.

Like our viewer asked, have you checked your child's Facebook page to see if they tried to get free movie tickets? 

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