WTOC High School Spotlight: Vidalia Indians boys basketball

WTOC High School Spotlight: Vidalia Indians boys basketball

VIDALIA, GA (WTOC) - The Vidalia Indians are one of just two unbeaten teams left among Georgia High School Association AA schools.

Vidalia has won all 14 of their games this season. Their closest games were a 15-point win at Benedictine and a 17-point victory against Valdosta in a holiday tournament.

The players love creating havoc for their opponents with a pressure defense that triggers their offense.

"We like to see the turnovers," said shooting guard Alton McCloud. "Every time they turn it over, we grab it and lay it up. It gets the crowd into it and we like it."

"We play great defense, you know, everybody moving around getting steals and stuff," said power forward Ramel Thompkins. "We don't have like selfish players, like give everybody a chance to score."

"That's just the way Coach, he makes us play great during the week and it just shows off in the games," said shooting guard Jordan Black.

These players have been playing this kind of defense since middle school when Coach Tommy Dalley had them start playing the same system they would be playing in high school.

"That's the way we've been playing for a while and I guess it's just natural now," said Black.

"We've been playing like since recreation on the same team," said Thompkins

"The faster we moving around, everybody is all into it, the bench is into it, the fans are into it," said McCloud. "We just keep going."

For this streak to continue, Coach Dalley says it's a matter of keeping them challenged.

"We set different goals for them depending on who we're playing and things like that," said Dalley. "The real credit to them is how competitive they are in practice. They get after it in practice probably as good as any team I've had."

Over the next couple of months we'll see just how far the defense can carry the Indians into the playoffs.

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