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Editorial - 1/13/14

From the brilliant, patriot-mind of Ben Franklin (quote):  "The only thing more expensive than education is ignorance."  And speaking of ignorance, let's super-size it.  Despite curriculum erosion, a veteran seventh-grade teacher in Maryland approached her classroom mission with passion and rigor, working hard to impart knowledge, expecting genuine-effort in return from her students. A bright, committed teacher, who set justifiable age-level standards.  At the end of a recent grading-period, some of her students received F's. The principal noticed, and called her to the office. Prepare for lunacy.  She was told that those students are (quote): "not allowed to fail.  If they have D's or F's, there is something you aren't doing for them." Thus,  in this principal's mental-mirage, the only thing causing poor classroom results is the teacher. Not the students, parents, or curriculum; the teacher.  So this veteran educator did the honorable thing, she resigned, rather than continue to put up with this butt-covering, socially-destructive nonsense.

Not allowed to fail.  We're all equal on the Karl Marx express. How well does such utopian-stupidity prepare students for the requirements and expectations of a demanding, sometimes harsh, real world?  A competitive world, where an individual's abilities, hard-work, performance, attitude, and commitment are the determinants of success.  Birth equality is most often a given. Outcomes, aren't. One-size does not fit all, and its birth-mother, political correctness, has no business being anywhere near legitimate education. To do or accept otherwise, paraphrasing Franklin, produces and perpetuates robotic ignorance, already far too pervasive in our society. 

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