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Haley's budget proposal: More for education, law enforcement

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Just weeks after announcing her plans to reform education in South Carolina, Gov. Nikki Haley announced how she plans to do it in her 2014 budget.

She also allocates money to law enforcement, while other areas like infrastructure will just have to wait and see what's left over.

The largest portion of Haley's budget goes towards her initiative to improve education in rural and poor areas. Altogether, that cost adds up to $177 million.

"So we no longer educate children based on where they're born and raised. We educate them on the fact that they deserve a good education and that they're our future work force," said Haley.

SLED is also earmarked to receive a 9.6 percent increase in recurring funds, close to $9 million altogether, some of which will go towards hiring 25 new agents.

University of South Carolina political science professor Dr. Robert Oldendick says Haley's request for law enforcement aid ends up being very positive. 

"We're a law and order state," said Oldendick. "They've generally been a winner in recent budgets."

The budget also included a tax break for roughly 3/4 of all South Carolinians.

"We have cut taxes every single year, we are going to continue to do that," said Haley. "We are proposing that we eliminate the 6 percent individual income tax bracket. That's about $26 million that would be saved by our taxpayers in South Carolina."

That equals roughly $29 dollars for most taxpayers. While no money was directly allocated to infrastructure, Haley says whatever additional revenue is not accounted for by May -- up to $106 million, according to projections -- should go towards South Carolina's major road repair projects.

The budget now heads to the House Ways and Means Committee before reaching the Senate.

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