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WTOC Senior Active: Fred Deckert

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Fred Deckert has the first trait any good bartender needs.

"I just like people," he said. " I just love to be around people, I've always been that way."

People like to be around Deckert, especially when he's making his signature fuzzy navals during happy hour at Savannah Commons.

"I haven't heard anybody complain about it,'' Deckert said of the drink that combines peach schnapps, vodka and orange juice. "It's a nice drink. It's not a harsh drink."

Deckert had his first fuzzy naval years ago in Philadelphia and immediately asked the bartender for the recipe.

For four years, he has been serving them up on Friday afternoons at Savannah Commons. To look at the fit and active Deckert, you might think there's something special about the drink.

"Come March the second,'' said Deckert, "I'll have my 100th birthday. I can't believe it, to get along like I do."

He gets along well enough to have started a new exercise program two years ago.

"It's eight different things I do,'' he said of his routine. "And then along with that, I have a stationary bicycle. I ride that 15 minutes, sometimes twice a day."

He said he didn't want any special activity or excitement for his 100th, when his son offered to plan a party.

"All my friends down here, they get to be 100 and they had a big party," said Deckert. "Four months later, they buried them. So I don't want no party."

The Friday before, he'll mark the occasion by enjoying and sharing fuzzy navals with friends at Savannah Commons.

"I know how each of the ladies want theirs. And the men,'' said Deckert. "I don't know how to make all these drinks, but for the occasion I'm all right. I'm strictly not a bartender, but I make myself one. But you can make yourself do anything if you try."

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