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Deputies pull trapped driver from overturned SUV


A remarkable display of bravery has two Effingham County deputies being hailed as heros in the eyes of the community. 

The two officers sprung into action when responding to a three car crash Thursday on Hwy-17 and Roebling Road.

"I was making some routine patrol on GA-17 soutbound and just happened to roll up on a crash," said Deputy Randy Brown. 

Deputies Brown and Terry Gideon where the first officers on the scene. All attention quickly turned to an overturned SUV with a young driver trapped inside.

"The only way to get to him was through the back window of the SUV," said Deputy Gideon. "So I crawled through the window and started to check on him. I released his seat belt. He told me his hand was stuck up underneath the roof of the car and that he was in a great deal of pain."

Knowing that EMS and fire were still a few minutes behind, the two deputies took immediate action.

The driver, who's car had overturned, had his hand lodge between the roof of the car and the ground.The deputies enlisted the help of bystanders to lift the vehicle.

"I'm really proud of working in a county where there are people that will step up like that. So quick to help another person when they're not involved. That's someone they dont know. That's a nameless person," said Gideon.

The group was able to lift the car enough to free the drivers hand and get him to safety for EMS to arrive.

"Due to our experience and our training, we do what we've got to do when we've got to do it. That's just the way some of us are wrapped," said Brown.

To no one's surprise, these deputies don't call themselves heroes, they say they're just doing what they are supposed to.

"It's a call of duty. You do what youre supposed to do," said Gideon. "You do whats right all the time, no matter what. If that had been my child, I'd have hoped there was a deputy or police officer or a bystander somewhere in the world that would help my kid. It doesnt matter. We just do what we have to do."

The driver of the SUV is recovering. Some others involved in the crash did go to the hospital but their injuries were not serious.

Deputy Brown was also the first deupty on the scene of that firey tanker crash on Hwy-17. He says God just puts him in the right place at the right time to help.

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