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Bloomingdale sinkhole worries neighbors

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A sinkhole in Bloomingdale has people worried about being trapped.

The sinkhole, located on Orendorff Road, is getting worse according to the people that live there.

Some of the neighbors who live on Orendorff Road are worried that if something doesn't change, they won't be able travel in and out of this road. They say the sinkhole has been a constant headache for several years, but it's gotten particularly worse in the last 8 months.

"We started having a lot of flooding coming through. I guess they tried to fix a few of the drainage systems  up Cherry Street and it's caused a little bit of backing up over the road and it got to the point where it was halfway up our car doors," said resident Matthew Randolph.  

Randolph said that's when he started calling local elected officials for help to fix it, but the problem is no one seems to know who owns the road.    

"Chatham County, City of Savannah, City of Bloomingdale, everyone pretty much said ‘it wasn't their problem, it wasn't their problem,'" he said.  

The City of Bloomingdale did come out once to scrap half of the road, but only as a courtesy.

"It's in unincorporated Chatham so we don't really have any jurisdiction out there, but no one has contacted this office seeking any assistance," said Bloomingdale City Administrator Charles Akridge.

Randolph and his neighbors say they've spent thousands of dollars trying to fix it themselves.

"If there's ever a reason that we have to get out and the road is impassable, then we don't have another way out. There's no back way," said neighbor Evelyn Wood.

Randolph added, "Should we be the ones required to maintain a road that's not our property? I thought that's what our taxdollars were for."

Some of the neighbors are planning to bring in more dirt in the next few days to try to cover up the sinkhole.

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