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Olympian visits Charlotte and inspires kids


The Winter Olympics are just around the corner. Very few people stand on the Olympic stage with a gold medal around their necks. Five years ago Nastia Liukin won a gold medal in the summer Olympics for gymnastics and has been inspiring people ever since.

Liukin visited Charlotte sharing her advice about dedication and success.

Fifteen-year-old Grace Glenn has been a gymnast since she was two years old. She says Nastia Liukin is one of her role models.

"The way she does her gymnastics she's so elegant and graceful. And I try to do my gymnastics like her," said Glenn.

Glenn won last weekend in Atlanta on the uneven bars, beam, floor and vault.

"That was our second meet of the season and the first Nastia qualifier," explained Glenn.

She will go to Greensboro at the end of February for the Nastia Liukin Cup.

"So she qualified so she's excited," said Nastia Liukin.

Liukin went to Glenn's gym Southeastern Gymnastics and shared her advice.

"Something that my mom always taught me was that you can never quit on a bad day. And that has stuck with me for the rest of my life," said Liukin, "Especially in gymnastics when you do have good days and bad days."

Liukin no longer competes but said the lessons she learned on the mats stay with her.

"I would come home sometimes from the gym having a bad day and would be I quit I don't want to do it anymore. And she was like that's fine if you want to quit.  But you have to quit on a good day," said Liukin, "Every time I would have a good day I never wanted to quit because I loved gymnastics. So it saved me a few times."

Those words can inspire gymnasts and any kids striving to do their best.

"Just the things that she said about how you have to pull through when you have bad days and then you realize you really love it," said Glenn about meeting Liukin.

"If I'm able to at least share my advice with them in something that not only my parents have taught me but what my life and my career has taught me I feel like my mission was accomplished at the end of the day," said Liukin.

Liukin just finished up her freshman year at NYU.  She'll be hosting the Nastia Liukin Cup. And she will be heading to Sochi, Russia for the Winter Olympic games as a broadcaster.

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