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Alma police on the lookout for fake bills


Businesses in Bacon and surrounding counties that handle cash should be on the lookout. Police suspect they could soon see a wave of counterfeit $100 bills.

"We have reason to believe they're coming," noted police deputy chief Jerry Blash.

He said counterfeiters have become more crafty and actually reprint the larger bills on smaller ones.

"They're using smaller bills - ones or fives, and fading them and printing over the top," he explained.

Blash said clerks should look at the bill against a light and look for the watermark strip to help confirm whether it's authentic.

"Don't just look for a strip. Read the strip as well. If it says 'one' or 'five' and the face value is 100, then you have something that's been faded and printed over," he stated.

Anyone with information on the counterfeit bills is asked to call Alma Police at 912.632.8751.

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