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'He was stuck and literally burning': woman saves friend in wheelchair from fire

An East Texas man is fighting for his life in a Dallas hospital after being trapped in a fire because his wheelchair was stuck in mud.

Bobby Prescott, who is a double amputee, was badly injured Tuesday when the flames from a burn pile spread around him on Mixon Road, near Troup.

His wheelchair is still stuck in the sand, just feet away from the burn pile that almost took his life.

"Something made me look out his window and all I saw was smoke. I couldn't see him so I hollered and he was hollering for me," says Pamela White, who lives with Bobby.

She says Bobby was yelling, "Hurry, I'm on fire!" as she rushed to help him.

"He was burning, I mean literally on fire. He was at the back fence so I ran over there with the rake and kept the fire off of him," White says.

She and Bobby have lived in their Smith County home on Mixon Road since 2005. Bobby has diabetes, a disease that cost him both of his legs.

White says Bobby spends a lot of time in the backyard putting trash and debris from his old house into burn piles, but Tuesday was different, "I woke up it felt like a weird day already so I guess the Lord was trying to tell me something was going to happen."

The wind was blowing and White says Bobby was anxious.

"He had a pile and I know it was getting on him because it just kept getting higher and higher. I guess it just got the best of him and he thought he could control it but it was too high."

White burned her hand pulling Bobby from the fire. She says even standing near where the fire happened is hard.

"You always think you could have done more, but I did all I could do so I have to learn to accept that and be here for him."

Bobby is listed in critical condition at Parkland Hospital in Dallas. His wheelchair was destroyed in the fire so friends and family are starting a fund to get him a new one.

You can donate to the fund by clicking here

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