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Detour set to go into effect during LaRoche Ave Culvert project

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Chatham County Public Information Officer Pete Nichols Chatham County Public Information Officer Pete Nichols

Chatham County is making sure everyone on Isle of Hope is prepared for a major traffic detour beginning Jan. 27. 

They are replacing the LaRoche Avenue Culvert, and giving the road itself a bit of a makeover because of some safety issues.

Mother Nature has taken its toll on the culvert, erosion crumbling the brick arch that will eventually lead to more problems than flooding.

Chatham County Public Information Officer Pete Nichols says they have to act now.

"You've got it going under this road here for safety to reasons too: enlarge the culvert; make it stronger," Nichols said.

The county, using special purpose local option sales tax monies from 2007, has also decided to widen this portion of road that comes right after a series of curves.

"It is a very narrow way, so give a little bit more of a shoulder on it, make a little more safer. And of the problems we've always had on this road is people speeding." 

LaRoche will be closed from Lansing Avenue to Skinner Place, and the detour all the way around the construction is almost four miles.

Nichols says the traffic shouldn't be too bad if you just take your time and plan ahead. He said that under the detour, drivers coming off the Isle of Hope go down Norwood, Skidaway, Eisenhower or the Truman and drivers coming this way go up Nottingham.

This project is slated to last for about nine months and while the detour may seem a little long, just remember to slow down in these neighborhoods that are not used to this much traffic.

View the Laroche Avenue closure

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