Editorial feedback - 1/13/14

I sent comments on a prior editorial of Dr. Cathcart's that I disagreed with in December. Now as to his School House Lunacy editorial of this Monday 1/13/2014, I just wanted to compliment his thoughts. It is so rare in this world where we hold anyone but the teachers accountable in schools. His story is dead on as to the attitude that everyone must pass regardless of if they are actually doing so. A example locally would be the Beaufort county SC school system where teachers are not allowed to post a grade below 60 for their students so that they can do make-up assignments in order for everyone to pass. This editorial hit the nail on the head and I hope opens eyes as to how schools are doing business today. Thank you Dr. Cathcart for trying to open eyes to the troubles of the education system.

Robbie A. Kinsey