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Tim's Take: The Franklins and Deloaches

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In the serious setting of the Federal Courthouse, more chess pieces were moved Wednesday.

"We kind of expected all this to be a game,'' Jimmy Franklin said of the case again the man accused of killing his son, Wesley. "That what we're playing right now.''

Except it's not a game.

Not for Franklin or William Deloach, or for any parent who has a child taken from them by violence. The waiting game they are forced to play as proceedings play out is anything but a game.

"It brings up the past emotions, everything that happens,'' said Franklin. "That night is refreshed. It just constantly goes through your mind.''

It's nobody's fault these cases have dragged on. It's just the nature of a legal system set up to ensure justice while also protecting the accused.

"But,'' said Wesley Franklin's uncle, Tommy Reese, "if you're on this side, it is frustrating that we're dealing with the delays.''

These families have dealt with that frustration and those delays as best they could.

And they have dealt with their grief publicly, a shared pain that in some ways has led them to each other.

"Although we don't know each other, we've all built a very close bond,'' said Franklin. "We all talk to each other, we all support each other.''

The cases and the families crossed paths again this week when Amber Deloach's killer started serving a life sentence.

"We're grateful that this part of our life is over,'' said William Deloach, Amber's father, "and that justice was served for Amber.''

And when that outcome could be a source of encouragement to the Franklins, who were dealt another frustration as the hearing for the man accused of killing Wesley was pushed back once again.

"We're waiting patiently,'' said Franklin. "And we will wait. Time's all we have, so we'll wait and we'll get justice in the end. We all know it's a game. And when time runs out, game's over.''

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