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Military Salute: Ronald Voegeli

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For many veterans, being retired doesn't mean the work is done.

They may not be serving on the frontlines, but they're still devoted to protecting this country and helping others.

Tthat is true of retired Marine, Ronald Voegeli.

His brother and more than a hundred of his closest friends are buried in the National Cemetery in Beaufort, and he says that's where he will be buried one day, too.

Until that day comes, Voegeli has vowed to spend the rest of his life serving the men and women who are where he once was more than 33 years ago.

"That's my mission. Somebody helped me 32 years ago, and I figured if they can help me then that would be my paying back, by helping others. So I help every veteran that comes through the door," he said.

Voegeli is the Inspector General for South Carolina's Disabled American Veterans, a title he wears with pride.  

"I think being a member of the Disabled American Veterans is a big thing," said Voegeli.

The 71-year-old Vietnam veteran isn't just the Inspector General, he's also the creator and one of the drivers for the DAV's van service, which gives veterans rides to their doctor appointments.

He's in charge of hanging the flags at the National Cemetery during major holidays, and putting wreathes out.

When he's not doing that, he's out having one on one time with veterans. He's says that's the best part about it.

"Because they're tickled to death that somebody finally listened to them," he said,  "because a lot of people don't listen to them."

We here at WTOC salute Ron Voegeli for his bravery and courage, but most of all for his continued service to this country and those fighting to protect it.

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