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Gas pump scam copies credit, debit card numbers

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A warning for anyone who uses their credit or debit card at gas pumps.

In Georgia, South Carolina and Texas, thieves have stolen more than $2 million by putting devices on gas pumps to copy credit and bank card numbers.

It's not clear how the group set up the devices. They say the suspects would forge new cards and withdraw stolen cash from ATMs in New York City, before putting it in bank accounts and then withdrawing it again from banks in California and Nevada.

Officials in Effingham County say they've not seen it, but they're watching closely.

"Let's be proactive, instead of reactive, because the chances are they are going to start coming around to this area, so we really would rather people pay attention to what they are doing, pay attention to where they put their debit cards and catch it before they become a victim," said Effingham County Sheriff's Office spokesman David Ehsanipoor.

So far, nine people have been arrested and four of them have pled not guilty to money laundering and other charges.

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