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Dangerous Effingham County intersection now four way stop

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Big changes are coming to a deadly intersection in Effingham County.

Blue Jay Road at Midland Road will soon become a four way stop. This comes after the County Commission approved a plan they hope can save lives.

It's known as one of the most dangerous intersections in Effingham County, and now County Commissioners have said yes to adding additional stop signs at the intersection to prevent accidents from happening. 

But residents in the area say they don't believe this will help

"No one pays attention to the signs there," said Randy Edenfield. "They go right through it, 55-65 miles-per-hour."

For as long as he can remember, Edenfield said the intersection of Blue Jay and Midland roads has been a problem area.

"They need to really need to do something, like putting red lights out there," said Edenfield. "I don't see how a stop sign will work because you come up on the intersection really fast."

"I know a four way is a lot cheaper, as far as cost goes," said Sheriff Jimmy McDuffie. "We've got lights all kind of ways there now. Two big stop signs with reflectors and all that and that didn't work so I'm not sure if a light would've been that much of a benefit there like the four way stop signs."

Sheriff McDuffie said it is going to take some time for residents to get used to the new signage, but he hopes this will be the solution they have been looking for.

"That's going to dramatically help," he said. "When it first gets put in it, may be a problem for people not being used to it, but in the long run it will definitely work and that's going to make some folks upset and mad because they are rushing to get to work and now they're going to have to stop at a four-way stop."

The additional stop signs and rumble strips are expected to be in place within the next few weeks.

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