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Man hallucinates, fires gun after bad drug reaction

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Investigators said a man's bad drug reaction landed him in jail.

Effingham Couny Deputies believe Brian Pippin was under the influence of drugs and began to hallucinate that people were shooting at him, so he shot back.

After firing several shots outside of a home, the residents said Pippin hid in their bushes while children were sleeping on the other side of the window.

"I was terrified," said resident Katie Guest. "He could have come in the house. He could have shot through the wall or the window and injured someone."

Guest was sound asleep in her home on Melrose Place in Rincon when she woke up to the sound of gun shots.

"He unloaded the entire thing, screaming that he was a cop and two people were trying to murder him," said Guest.

She said the whole situation was terrifying, as Pippin was rolling around on the ground and screaming that armed men were coming after him.

"My husband was out here guarding him," she said. "We weren't sure if he was a good or bad guy."

"He was screaming at deputies and at officers that someone was trying to kill him and somebody was right across the yard from where the deputies were," said Effingham County Sheriff's Office spokesman David Ehsanipoor. "The deputies didn't see anybody. They observed a handgun right near Pippin's feet. He was either hallucinating or on some type of drugs."

Investigators are thankful no one got hurt but say this could have ended differently.

"If you are hallucinating, then you see a police officer," said Ehsanipoor. "It could be dangerous for that officer and suspect."

Investigators are now trying to determine why Pippin was hallucinating.

"We believe it may be a combination of some kind of drugs, crack cocaine," said Eshanipoor. "Some people that hallucinate can be on spice too. We aren't saying he was on spice, it's one of the side effects."

"I have three children that plan on growing up here," said Guest. "I don't want them to be able to get to that or be around it, after I saw what it can do to people."

 Pippins faces several charges, including reckless conduct and operating a fire arm under the use of drugs.

He was released on bond earlier today.  

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