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Report: Off-duty officers used cocaine, fired weapon at Standart Lofts last fall

A surveillance camera shows the officers waiting on the drug deal. A surveillance camera shows the officers waiting on the drug deal.
TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

More has been revealed about a shooting incident at the Standart Lofts last October which involved two off-duty Toledo police officers.

According to an Internal Affairs report, off-duty officers Scott MacInnis, Jada Lyn Smith and Carlyle Gafeney attended a Halloween party at the Toledo Police Patrolman Association (TPPA) union hall on Oct. 11. The three officers then left the party and went to the club Polekatz.

"I don't know it got brought up," explained MacInnis during an Internal Affairs interview. "We were offered cocaine. I was drunk, made a stupid decision, said, ‘OK,' went to the parking lot, waited for someone to deliver it, they did."

MacInnis says after the purchase, he and his girlfriend, Officer Smith, took Gafeney back to the TPPA hall. Gafeney says he was not aware MacInnis and Smith were buying drugs.

"We went to another parking lot somewhere, and we each did one hit or whatever they're called, I don't know," MacInnis said.

He says he purchased $40 worth of cocaine. After doing the drugs, the officers returned to MacInnis's apartment at the Standart Lofts and got into an argument that escalated.

"At some point, she got a knife, cut up my Halloween costume," MacInnis said. "I was worried about what she was going to do, so I got the knife away from her. I went back in my bedroom. When I did that, I walked out in the living room and she had a gun to her throat…I immediately attempted to disarm her. I grabbed the gun, we wrestled to the ground. I'm holding the gun, I'm holding the gun, she cocked it back in a single action and it went off."

MacInnis called 911 and explained to dispatchers that he was an officer and his girlfriend, also an officer, fired a weapon trying to kill herself.

The investigation found MacInnis had cocaine in his system that night. Smith did not, but she was intoxicated.

Both MacInnis and Smith have resigned from the Toledo Police Department. They are not facing charges.

Officer Gafeney is facing a charge of gross neglect of duty.

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