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Editorial - 1/27/14

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As most gray-hairs will remember, years back, Art Linkletter hosted a popular TV series called "Kids Say The Darndest Things," featuring   innocent and funny comments from youngsters.  Different deal, entirely, when allegedly-mature adults say those darndest things, seldom innocent or funny, when the mouth races well ahead of the brain.  Some examples.

The wife of a federal office-holder was asked about role models she'd like to emulate in the future.  Of the two mentioned, one was Jane Fonda, whom she described as being (quote) "politically-savvy." If by politically-savvy, we mean someone who travels to an enemy capital during wartime, basks in damaging photo ops, emboldens North Vietnamese leaders, worsens the treatment of our POW's, further endangers our combat troops, and a person considered by many, or most, Vietnam-vets to be an American traitor, then Webster needs to add a definition. 

Then there's New York's Governor, who, last week, put his political opponents on notice, (and all others, by inference), that (quote): "Extreme conservatives who are right-to-life, and pro-assault-weapon (purposely using the lightening-rod, "assault,"), have no place in the State of New York."  So then, if you're anti-abortion, and responsibly pro-Second Amendment, as a conservative, you're not only undesirable, you're an extremist to boot, ostracized by the glaringly-false fable of progressive tolerance.  By the way, since 2010, New York had a net-loss of 328,000 residents, the largest out-migration of any state. Just a guess, but it seems that encouraging those awful conservatives to take their productivity, jobs, and substantial tax-dollars elsewhere might not be all that "politically-savvy."     

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