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Firefighters battle massive fire in freezing temps

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Firefighters were not only battling massive flame at a Thunderbolt house fire, but extreme cold early Wednesday morning.

With flames lighting the early morning sky and temperatures falling, firefighters braved the cold for nearly four hours fighting a glowing house fire.

"We are bringing in additional firefighters to deal with cold temps," said Thunderbolt Fire Chief Gregory Socks.

Despite having thick gear, it can also become dangerous to wear when it gets wet in the cold.

"What we are doing now is basically making sure they are being rotated to a warm environment," said Socks. "We don't get any hypothermia set in or any possible frost bite."

With the freezing temperatures, firefighters were facing new challenges.

"The other thing we are doing is, we normally don't have to worry too many time about our fire hoses freezing but we have to deal with that here and make sure that doesn't occur either," said Socks.

It was then relief was brought in.

"We got a call from CEMA, alerting us there was a fire and asking us if we could bring the canteen out to be able to serve the firemen coffee and hot things because they were being shuttled back and forth between the fire department because of the cold," said Salvation Army Business Administrator Linda James.

Volunteers with the Salvation Army provided an escape from the cold, to help firefighters rotate in and out.

"You get a satisfactory feeling when you get to serve those who are serving the public, because they need to be kept safe and warm just like everybody else. We want them to be able to do their job," said James.

No one was injured.

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