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Colorado for Cannabis

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Pam Bailey and her two children have started a fund to move to Colorado. Pam Bailey and her two children have started a fund to move to Colorado.

On her good days, or the good hours of her always-trying days, Pam Bailey can sit and read to her daughter.

"Just taking a shower and making myself presentable,'' says Bailey, "totally wipes me out.''

Bailey has Lyme Disease.

She has also been diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis, which related to each other or not, conspire against her in an almost crippling combination of symptoms.

"Chronic fevers, migraines, rashes, joint pain and swelling, fatigue,'' says Bailey. "And when I'm talking fatigue, I'm not talking 'you had a hard day at work' fatigue. I'm talking 'it's hard to get out of bed and function' fatigue.''

Bailey's children, 20-year-old Justin and three-year-old Brileigh, also have Lyme.

And while she has seen a specialist in Brunswick, she can no longer make the 80-mile drive there. So, she hopes to travel much farther for a far more controversial treatment.

"I got to researching natural ways to treat this and I came across Rick Simpson's "Run For the Cure,'' says Bailey. "Basically, in that movie, he was talking about curing cancer with cannabis oil. And I got to thinking, if this cannabis oil can cure cancer, it's got to be able to cure other things.''

The Baileys are attempting to raise $6,000 though a campaign to move to Colorado, where the marijuana extract is legal,  and we're they believe relief is waiting.

"We really are suffering,'' says Bailey, "and we're begging and crying out for help.''

"She can't even take care of herself,'' added her son, Justin. "And how can she be a parent to her child when she can't even do that? And it's not even her fault.''

In addition to Lyme, Justin has been diagnosed with ADHD, Asperger Syndromde and clinical depression. He admits having smoked pot in the past and says it helped.

"I was actually able to live a normal life without fear of being judged or without being afraid 'is this going to be one of those moments where I lose control and just embarrass myself,''' says Justin. "When I smoked before, I noticed that I've been more mentally stable. I was able to relax, my anxiety died down, I wasn't as depressed. I was able to think normally, rationally."

But Pam is aware some might be skeptical about her plans.

"At this point, my three-year old has doctors that want to give her medications that I don't feel comfortable taking myself, where she is going to get a pharmaceutical high from that medication,'' said Bailey when asked if she had any reservations about giving cannabis oil to her youngest child. "I myself am having negative side effects from some of the pharmaceuticals that are supposed to help me. They're really doing me more damage than good. This is not about getting high at all. This is about getting well.''

Unable to work since 2010 and living as modestly as she knows how, Bailey says her online campaign, like Colorado and cannabis oil,  is an act of desperation, hope and urgency.

"I am a very prideful person and I have had to set my pride aside and ask for help with this fundraiser to save myself and my children,'' she said. "If something doesn't change for me, I have a very real fear that this may kill me. I want to get this treatment so I can be a mother to my children and my children don't end up orphans.''

To donate, click here for the website.

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