Editorial Salute - 1/30/14

One of our own received some well deserved, very positive attention during this week's State of the Union address.  American hero, and Hunter First Battalion U.S. Army Ranger, Sergeant First-Class Cory Remsburg was introduced to Congress, and the array of other assembled dignitaries, along with the entire nation Tuesday night.

During his tenth, War on Terrorism deployment, with his Savannah Ranger comrades, this one to Afghanistan, Cory was nearly killed by a massive  IED explosion.  As has been reported, the blast propelled him into a roadside canal, where fellow Rangers found him submerged, with traumatic head injuries.

Courageously battling back, through significant challenges since then, it's  been a long road, through surgeries and rehabilitation.  The latter continues, with significant progress being made, always with the support of family, friends, and medical personnel who've worked so closely with him over these many months.

Prior to his 2009 deployment, Cory, seen here, third from the left, wearing #149, participated with fellow Rangers and Savannah first-responders in the  200 Club's  annual Savannah Mile run, through downtown Savannah.

We wish Army Sergeant First-Class Cory Remsburg the very best for his continued recovery.  Cory symbolizes the many thousands of military men and women who've been injured, many in very serious, life-changing ways, while bravely serving our nation in the cause of liberty; liberty for America and for others, both in combat, and in the training-process that prepares them.  We thank all who've served, and are doing so right now, for their incredible-commitment to keep us safe, free, and strong, regardless of the countless sacrifices they face.