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Roads and bridges safe to travel in Beaufort County

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People in Beaufort County are returning back to their routines now that roads and bridges are safe to travel.

Traffic has picked back up on most of the roads in Beaufort County, and some people couldn't be happier to be back outside.

Countless vehicles traveled along primary routes like 278 and 170 today as people resumed their daily operations.

Cathy Avant was one of many who stopped by the DMV office after staying inside her home to wait out the storm.

"It's just safe to be home because people don't know how to drive in it," she said.

Avant would know about road safety especially since she's a school bus driver for Beaufort County. She says she took some extra precautions while bringing kids to school today but was happy to be out again.

"Freedom! I hate being stuck in the house, I'd rather be at work or doing something and not be so secluded," said Avant.  

And part of that credit goes to Beaufort DOT crews who poured out about 100 tons of sand and salt combined along the bridges and primary routes during Wednesday's storm.

They were back out Thursday afternoon, inspecting areas like the McTeer Bridge after some complaints of ice.

 "What it is, is just basically runoff from the sleet that just accumulated off on the shoulders," said  Maurice Allen, Beaufort DOT Assistant Maintenance Engineer.

Allen says so far road conditions appear to be good but he's urging drivers to still be careful!

"The biggest concern is just slow down, everybody's in a rush, but just slow down, just stay in your wheelpath and you should be alright, don't try to pass," he said.  

DOT crews will be on standby to monitor some of the bridges to make sure they won't be impassable.

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