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Visit Savannah recalls battling storm; strangers' kindness

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A group from Visit Savannah and the Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce headed to Atlanta for Savannah-Chatham Day are back home after three days in the throes of "Snowmageddon".

It was the random kindness of strangers that helped them out of a tough situation.

We caught up with the folks from Visit Savannah on Friday. Everybody is in one piece, already back to work if a little tired.

Most of them got back Thursday night after 10 to 12 hours or more on the road Tuesday stuck in snow and traffic on the highway in Atlanta. A group even walked more than mile and a half to a strangers home to spend the night after finding them on a Facebook page created during the storm called "Snowed in Atlanta."

There were random acts of kindness all around.

Friday, the office at Visit Savannah and the chamber was back to normal, somewhat, but they shared some of their videos and pictures of the ordeal with WTOC, from trying to navigate the snowy and icy roads and traffic jams to video of the walk to shelter. They also showed us the pictures of the people who basically rescued them, the perfect strangers who opened up their homes when thousands and thousands were stuck with no where to go, who helped get their cars out of ditches.

It's back to reality, but at the time, when they saw those faces they'd never seen before, Drew Hunt says it was like a miracle.

"We had been in the car for about 12 hours dodging snow and ice and cars sliding of the road. To see those other people out in the cold taking time to help us was just remarkable," Hunt said.

On the way back to Savannah,  the chamber group returned the favor by helping out a Savannah family whose grandmother was stranded at the Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport by giving her a ride to Savannah. Her grandchildren reciprocated by giving them a precious little token of their appreciation, a card reading "Thanks for getting our nana home to us." 

Call it a little pay it forward.

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