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Rescue group relinquishes license

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Pound Pups Rescue Group in Bryan County takes in dogs and cats from animal control agencies to find them permanent homes. However, a recent discovery had the organization's volunteers fearing for the animals' safety.

"We found just misery. It was disheartening. Just misery. Animals living in cramped cages there was no heat." That was what Louise Limbach and her fellow volunteers say they found when they arrived at the home of Michelle White, the director of Pound Pups Rescue Group.

It's an organization that finds foster homes and adoptive families for animals. The volunteers say recently White had been hard to get in touch with, and after some problems at home, the volunteers felt the need to go check on her.

"We felt awful for her. We were there with the intentions of helping her but we quickly realized that we needed to do something about these dogs or they weren't going to last," said Limbach.

Limbach and the other volunteers said they found several dogs that appeared emaciated, cramped in crates, lying in their own urine and fecies.

White agreed to surrender nine of the dogs. The Humane Society of Greater Savanah took ownership of a few of the animals and medically evaluated them.

"We use the body score system. It's a system one through five. One being emaciated, five being obese," said Guinn Friedman, with the Humane Society. "These dogs were about a two. Very, very thin. They were infested with internal and external parasites. They were clearly not taken care of."

The concern then turned to making sure she couldn't take in any more.

"[We want] or her not to be able to keep any animals for quite a while until she can show that this isnt going to happen again. And i don't know what that will take."

Tuesday, the Department of Agriculture inspected White's Bryan County home. The inspector determined that the two dogs she had left seemed to be in decent condition. White decided to relinquish her rescue group license to the agency.

However, the other volunteers are still concerned about the her own animals living in those conditions.

We tried to talk to White, but she was not home.

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