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AL Senator Scott Beason says he won't seek re-election

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State Senator Scott Beason says he will not seek a third term.

The conservative senator from Gardendale made the announcement in an email. He stated that "personal convictions" are behing his decision.

Beason was elected to the Alabama Senate in 2006.

Read his full email statement below:

State Senator Scott Beason, widely considered one of Alabama's leading and most conservative legislators, announced Friday that he would not be seeking a third term in the Alabama Senate.

"I have always been humbled by the faith the people of the 17th District placed in me. Very few people thought we could win this Senate seat eight years ago, but thanks to support of the people we did. I am very pleased with all we have accomplished together," Beason said.

"I set out with the goal of putting conservative principles into practice in Alabama," Beason added. "Together, we have passed landmark legislation in the face of overwhelming opposition. We have upheld the rule of law, made Alabama one of the best places in the world to do business, and created an economic environment that has allowed Alabama to weather the storm of the Obama economy better than many other states."

Beason provided the strong leadership necessary to pass some of Alabama's most sweeping and nation leading pieces of legislation. From the state pushback against Obamacare, to gun rights, to pro-life bills, to anti-illegal immigration efforts, he has been the tip of the spear on the issues the people support but the liberals in the media and the special interest groups despise.

Senator Beason commented on having been the lead on so many important and sometimes controversial issues.

"It has not always been comfortable or easy. Enemies accumulate when you stand for something, but there is a huge difference between support and leadership. In Alabama, almost everyone running for office 'supports' a conservative agenda. The hard part is actually leading on those issues after taking office and when the arrows are coming from all sides."

Concerning the people he has represented Beason said: "I love the people of this area, and I have been so blessed to represent them over the years. They are strong, self-reliant, and well-informed. It is their spirit and their values that have allowed me to be successful in the legislature."

The Senator cited personal convictions as his reason for stepping down.

"It is time for this chapter in my life to come to a close, and it is such a strange feeling. I have been in a hard fought campaign every four years since 1994. When I first ran for the legislature I was 24 years old, and now 20 years later when I finally have the chance to run without opposition, I feel led to step away. It almost doesn't seem real."

Despite his decision to leave the State Senate, Beason was clear he plans to continue to be active in promoting conservative principles.

"Everyone is well aware of all the challenges we face as a people. I plan to continue to be a voice for the time tested principles that have long made this country great: a belief in hard work and ingenuity, a commitment to Christian values, and a firm faith in our Constitution as the means by which liberty, opportunity, and prosperity can be ensured. All of us, whether we are in elected office or not, must do our part to preserve the blessings that were passed down to us."

Beason was first elected to the Alabama State House in 1998 and was then elected to the State Senate in 2006. Along with his wife Lori and three children, he resides in Gardendale, AL.

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