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GSP: "Don't drink and drive on Super bowl Sunday"


You may think Buffalo Wild Wings workers are extremely busy on a Friday, but just wait until Sunday when they'll be throwing wings into fryers non-stop to serve Broncos and Seahawks fans here to watch the Super Bowl.

"We're ready for a big day, have a bunch of tournaments, contest, some activities, we got budweiser coming along to give goodies away," said Jeremy Davis, house manager, Buffalo Wild Wings.

While the restaurant will be packed, the restaurant will also handle a lot of takeout orders, so that people who aren't partying at Buffalo Wild Wings, can have an enjoyable super bowl party from the comfort of their own home.

"We've got a few, we know we got one, that's about 2,000 wings so trying to help them out with their super bowl parties as well," said Davis.

But when you party on Sunday night, remember it's important to party safely. State troopers will be keeping an eye out on the roads.

"Impaired driving is the main target, looking for impaired drivers whether it be drugs or alcohol," said Daniel Joiner, trooper first class, GSP.

If you do decide to have a little libation, troopers ask you to do one thing.

"if you plan on drinking, plan on having a good time, at least have a designated driver," said Joiner.

Buffalo Wild Wings is on board with GSP's goal of preventing fatalities on South Georgia roads on Super Bowl Sunday.

"We do have a policy where we monitor what everyone drinks, depending on how long they've been here, if there is a problem will help them get a cab or a ride home or a friend of theirs to come pick them up," said Davis.

To make sure everyone has a good night, no matter who wins the game.

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