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City mourns loss of first African American mayor


Heavy hearts fill Savannah as many folks are mourning the loss of former Savannah Mayor, Adam Floyd, Jr., who passed away Saturday afternoon.

Adams was elected in 1996 as the city's first African American mayor who went on to serve the city for seven years. City officials say he unified racial, economic, and social barriers in the community.

Pete Liakakis was Savannah's vice chairman when Floyd was in office and he says he'll never forget a speech that Mayor Adams gave in Forsyth Park.

"[Adam's said] we should all come together, both black and white, and I am here representing the entire city, not just as one individual," said Liakakis.  

Mayor Adams was a lifetime member of the NAACP and folks in the community say he will forever be remembered for the way he brought this city together.

"I think he brought that attitude and atmosphere to citizens that everyone should grow," said NAACP Vice Chairman Richard Shinhoster.

The former mayor once gave thanks to the citizens of Savannah at his mayoral inauguration in 1996.

"I want to thank God, my parents, my family, said Mayor Adams. "Thank you Savannah!"

But now, many folks are thankful for him and his service to the community.  

"I just loved to watch him as a politician and how he could move in all communities and continue to progress," said Shinhoster.  

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