Explosion Destroys Whitemarsh Island House

Emergency workers on the scene.
Emergency workers on the scene.

At noon today, a home at 129 Mapmaker Drive on Whitemarsh Island was destroyed by an explosion. Southside Fire Department responded as flames threatened neighboring houses.

One person is confirmed dead at scene; authorities have not identified the body.

Neighbors tell us around noon, they heard the explosion. "I heard a loud explosion, you could feel the concussion from it," Sandra Morris told us. She's a letter carrier for the US Postal Service and was in front of the house when it exploded.

She was told by neighbors two people may have been inside. "The neighbors next store said that there were two people at home,  the mother and the son, a grown son, so I started yelling for them as I dialed 911, but nobody ever answered, and by then the house was fully involved."

"We hear rumors all the time," said Chief Wesley Meadows with Southside EMS. "Until we know something definite, we would not confirm them."

The house was destroyed, homes next door were saved with exterior damage, but the rumor mill was alive and well. While fire investigators tried to separate fact from fiction, GBI, ATF, and FBI were on the scene sniffing out clues.

It's a day of work Sandra Morris will never forget. "Not every day on my route," she said.

Reported by: Don Logana, dlogana@wtoc.com