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Policies raised after Utah students' lunches get tossed

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Some parents have voiced concern about local school districts lunch policies after seeing a report out of Utah where a child's lunch was tossed because the student's account was empty. The Utah fifth-grader was given an alternative lunch of fruit and milk.

WTOC spoke to nutrition officials from the Effingham County School District who say there is no district-wide policy on this and it can vary from school to school.

In most cases, especially in elementary school, the student will be allow to borrow money from the front office and a notice will be sent home.

In other cases, often in middle schools, the student may be allowed to borrow money for lunch or will be offered an alternative lunch. If the school offers an alternative lunch, the students tray will be discarded or saved as a sample tray.

The district says providing for the student is always a first priority, however, the department itself is self funded and they need to generate the necessary funds to support the entire food and nutrition department. Officials say if they allow students and parents to make a habit out of not paying the department would end up in significant debt.

A school spokesman said it relies greatly on a parents' responsibility to make sure the child has lunch money.

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