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Editorial - 2/03/14

The economic-inequality guilt-trip, politically-fueled by class-envy, is pushed in our faces, yet again.  Understand, income inequality isn't new.  It runs throughout history.  Power and money flow to the elites, supplied by their subjects, from whom it's confiscated.  There's no short-term solution, unless, as dreamed of by the naïve, the Fed shop-vac's still more money from the nation's skilled and productive, passing it along to those able-bodied, whose choices have made them less so.  Destroying capitalism to embrace Marxism, as the elite take from those who have, then, minus their cut, distribute the remainder to those who don't, relegating the latter to a dependent-subsistence level, perpetuating poverty.  Think Soviet Union.  Hardly the desired path or solution for a nation born in freedom. 

There are proven ways to reduce the income gap, taking both time and effort, and, thus, are rejected by the politically-powerful, who seek no free-market solutions. The key to rekindling our once-robust economy, and with it, genuine job growth, is getting the Feds out of the way, reducing taxes, regulatory-strangulation, and uncertainty, all crippling to business and corporate expansion.  Then for individuals, pursuing whatever education and training may be required to transition one's skills, and one's value, to fit the needs of a more efficiency-driven, often-higher-tech workplace. The solution to the plight and complaint of income-inequality rests, first, with reduced government, fostering job growth. Then with self-reliant  individuals, able and determined to be productive, who seek a hand-up, not a handout.  The socialist-scourge of government-dependence debilitates the very able-bodied citizens the elite proclaim and pretend to help.

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