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Blue Jay and Midland intersection receives new four-way stop signs

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A well known dangerous, and sometimes deadly, intersection was made safer Tuesday.

The Blue Jay and Midland roads intersection in Effingham County were outfitted with new four-way stop signs. They are hard to miss, but some citizens said stop lights were still needed for the intersection.

County works crews put up eight stop signs and a red flashing light at the intersection. If you don't see the stop signs, county leaders believe you'll at least feel the rumble strips and know it's time to slow down and stop.

"We do anything we could to improve safety at Blue Jay and Midland, and we decided to add rumble strips, make it a four way stop," said District Two Effingham County Commissioner Vera Jones.

But with anything new, it's going to take time to get used to the stop signs. Some drivers were seen not coming to a complete stop, even with all of the new measures.

Several people reached out to WTOC on Facebook and said a stoplight would be much safer.

"We could say, ‘Why not put a light at a whole lot of places'," said Jones. "And if something that's deemed necessary, that's something that we could look at doing."

In fact, Jones says out of the traffic studies complete on Blue Jay and Midland, the four-way stop was only a suggestion.

"Anytime everyone has to stop and look around, it's safer," said Father David Rose of St. Luke's Episcopal Church.

Rose hears a lot of concerns in the church and in the community, mostly about safety.

"If I know the county is being pro-active to make the roads safer, then I support that, and I think my parishioners support that as well," said Rose.

"You just gotta take that time and notice your surroundings," said Jones.

Now, it's up to drivers to be more alert.

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