InSITE--Happy Hauntings!

But Halloween is only ten days away, and if you really want a cool costume or a great party, start your scary surfing now. Since it's supposed to be about the kids, click to Kids Domain to start. They're pretty complete, there are ads on the site, but if you click carefully, you'll find the free stuff. Like the first page that lists some Halloween books, with reviews so you can decide what's appropriate for your kids. Ditto videos your kids might want around Halloween.

For the story behind Halloween, there's a series of links you can check. Including a link to the history, not a bad thing to know. They also have some Halloween activities, like some pictures you can print out for the kids to color, and a long collection of things to keep kids crafty for the holiday. How about a trick or treat bag they make out of an old pillowcase? Or what they call a handy treat that's tasty too. A long list of pretty simple costumes. Check for your favorites, like maybe dressing up like popcorn.

Since they're going out, make sure you check out the safety tips. And something you have to have, tips on carving your pumpkin. Big site, lots of ideas. You'll want to know how to pick one. How to carve one, old school. Or how to start with a stencil, and make some pretty special carvings.